Power of Color – new open call!

on the blog post cover a photo by Jean-Pierre Charbonnel

POWER OF COLOR – have YOUR WORKS published in a beautiful hardcover art album! It could be an explosion of colors, or a selective color, or a color as a powerful accent

We accept:

  • photography (macro and drone included)
  • paintings
  • drawings
  • digital art
  • sculptures

Apply for free before November the 10th, 2021. UPDATE!! deadline extended till 14/11.

Requirements: please send over maximum of 6 photos, not bigger than 10Mb each, ideally 300 dpi. Please put a title of your work in a file name, if you wish it to be printed at the edge of a photo.

Each book of Bruxelles Art Vue contains works of about 100 carefully selected artists, each of them receiving 2 dedicated pages. 

Our hardcover albums size is 22 x 30 cm.

On the photo above: Inga Falkowska – one of the artists published by BAV

Published so far:

Street Photography 2021
Human Body is Art 2021
BAV Limitless Nature 2021
Limitless Nature 2021

Application is very easy:

1) Fill in a preliminary application for the Power of Color 2021 edition. We will review your work.
2) If the artist is approved, they will be notified by end of November 2021.
3) After approval, you will need to pay a participation fee ranging from 35€ to 62€ check the details


The sooner you apply, the sooner you may be featured on our Instagram and Facebook feeds!


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Art is non-amputable – is that so?

Interview with Katarzyna Leszczyńska – Kaszuba

by Aneta Bobryk

The original language of this article in English. If you see this text in a different language it means, it is the automated Google translation.

When did you realize that art is part of you?

I don’t know … it just was – like arms, legs and head.

It grew, developed and finally is what it is. Non-amputable.

What inspires you?


What is your story?

I have always looked for the possibility of creative dropping what is in my head. The easiest way is to grab a pencil or paints. And that’s exactly what I did, with different frequencies and different effects.

The camera also accompanied me from my childhood, but of course for many years it was simply capturing important moments, and beautiful places. Just photos for an album. But it was satisfying so I always had a camera and took pictures.

The first thoughts about the composition of the picture or how to show what and how, the first read books on this subject and exploring the topic appeared only in the late 90’s.

Then, for quite a long time, my photography revolved around sports topics, more specifically around caves. Cave climbing as well as rock and mountain climbing is another great passion of mine.

What do you feel when you create?

It depends on whether the effects are satisfactory.

Once upon a time I fought till my end for an effect that would satisfy me – it’s better not to speak out loud what feelings accompany such actions!

Today I learned to let go. I already know that sometimes you have to give yourself some time and come back with a different attitude, a fresh mind, a new way to touch the subject.

Artist: necessary evil or incomprehensible man?

Artist is one of the concepts that are difficult to define. Just like beauty or ugliness. Everyone will have a definition. If I had to create my own, it would include the following phrases:

Creator of the statement.

Eternal seeker, reality interpreter, sensorist.

Recipient and giver of sensations.

If you had a taste for happiness what would it be?

Sweet and salty! And green. And blue.

Which does not translate into creativity at all … I think bitter and black dominate there. Sometimes aggressive red. I like topics that stick under my nails – they are not cute …

Does your talent scare you sometimes? If so, why and what is it about?

I am highly critical of myself and my work.

For many years, I thought that it was just hard work and everyone can work out to a good level. It changed a bit during my studies (the possibility of comparing myself with others) and since I run ceramics workshops and I can observe how it looks with others.

Recently I learned what it means to stop thinking in pictures.

I always considered thinking in pictures, seeing ready-made pictures in my head as a natural thing. Until the moment when, as a result of exhaustion, I lost this ability for a while…. it was really scary! Creativity at the zero level and the inability to make sense out of yourself.

Katarzyna Leszczyńska Kaszuba

Do you create in absolute silence or on the contrary?

I like to start in silence. So that there is room for thought and focus.

But when I turn off – nothing can stop me.

What supports your creative process? Is it so, for example, during the day, you suddenly have a flash and you can get down to the realization as soon as possible or do you approach your work calmly?

Coffee and cigarettes. Lots of coffee and lots of cigarettes!

The best ideas come to my mind just before going to sleep. Then they go to the notebook next to the bed. They mature there, grow into details – at the same time I gather the necessary materials. Props for photography, sculptures or ceramics, clay, glazes, etc.

When it comes to creative photography or sculpture, it is simply difficult to implement ideas right away. Usually it requires the mentioned preparations

But of course, during a trip with the camera, it happens that an idea appears under the influence of the existing situation and is immediately possible! Alternatively, a photographic base for graphic games with the obtained image.

If the art you create absorbs you completely or can you divide time into everything and everyone?

Absorbs! I have a problem with time sharing.

What are you afraid of?

No ideas! Boredom. Stagnation. People who lie.

What everyone loves and you can’t stand?

The most difficult question of all!

I don’t know what everyone loves… Maybe kitsch? Kamp? Although today kitsch in art often becomes a conscious choice and a way of artistic expression. In this sense, I respect.

So, cannot art be amputated and is it a part of us who lives and dies with us?

Aneta Bobryk

Would you like to write for BAV? Or maybe you have an interesting story to share? Write to: admin@bruxellesartvue.com

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Gallery, part 1 – selection from Human Body is Art

This gallery presents to you several selected works from the Bruxelles Art Vue – Human Body is Art 2021 edition!

Most of these photos wouldn’t make it to our social media, without a risk of blocking our feeds, therefore let us give them a visibility they deserve in a different way!

You may see these and many other works in a free e-book – download here.

Lara Bol:

“In 2020 I started photographing my fascination for the human body, movement, energy, lines within the body (muscle or shadow), and expression. It inspires me HOW someone is as an individual. Their likes, their passion, their energy, and their character. How they move and act. I try to capture them in their natural element. I try to portray them in such a way that I hope the public will get the same feeling I get when I work with people. My design method is Homo Ludens.”

photo: Lara Bol

Cristiana Elena Capota


“I am a Romanian photographer, based in Cluj Napoca, who experiments with portraiture. I strive to find beauty in the peculiar, twisting the human form and using it to create an aura of restlessness around my art.”

Photo: Cristiana Elena Capota

Peter Carellini


“Growing up, I mostly felt alone as a below the right knee amputee – save for
the company of my uncle. He had lost his thumb in a carpentry accident some
years around my birth, and so it always warmed my heart to go downstairs
and see his stump that looked like mine. Here, I captured the image in all of his
smoky Brooklyn glory, the natural cadence of my extended family. This photo is
tribute, celebration, and a thank you.”

Photo: Peter Carellini
limitless nature open call

Juliana Chetrone

“This Collection of mine is called Femininity in 7 acts and it is about being a woman in different environment and circumstances. I used fluorescent paint (its sensitive at UV lights) on canvas.”

Juliana Chetrone
Gallery continued:

Katrien Colenbie

Born in Flanders (B), 22/06/62, living near Brussels, novice amateur photographer. Since 2015 member of the collective ‘Stadsbiografie Brussel’. I carry my Fuji cameras with humor, compassion, and a lot of curiosity. My appetite to taste the unknown is innate. How people behave and interact in and with their surroundings triggers me to immortalize them in photography. Like most of the street photographers, I am a bit voyeuristic and I prefer to take candid shots. Viviane Maier is my heroine!

Photo by Katrien Colenbie

KIU Collective

In Cantonese, the sound KIU refers to „a bridge / to bridge”. KIU’s art practice is based on the idea that communication exists prior to language. Communication emerges from the entanglements of the elements within the environment. The work develops through intuitive experimentation with material encounters that belong to a specific place, resulting in intimate documentation that raises questions about possibilities and limits of human senses in relation to the environment.

KIU Collective

Karolina Dadura


Born in 1989 in Ełk, a town in the Mazury region in the east of Poland. Currently lives and creates in Białystok. An independent artist. In her works, she focuses on man, his emotions, fears, and inner pain. On the silhouette subjected to constant experiences, which often seemingly calm shows a troubled interior. According to the artist: „Human is a mystery for me, which every time I try to discover anew, measuring myself with my own demons”.

Karolina Dadura

Maria Panagiota Giannakaki

„Under the blanket of white cloth, the statues looked mysterious and oddly alive”. The above words from Lizzie’s Calliga’s book entitled „Metoikesis”, were the source of inspiration for the creation of my own photo sequence entitled „Breathe”, which consists of a total of thirteen self-portrait photos. My photographic narrative has exactly this purpose. To bring to life a lifeless statue that initially follows the principle of covering the whole body first and parts of it later.

by Maria Panagiota Giannakaki


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Human Body is Art

We have the pleasure to announce the next edition of Bruxelles Art Vue!

HUMAN BODY IS ART – portraits, silhouettes, every creation that shows a beauty or story of a human body. We accept photography, paintings, drawings, digital art, and sculptures.

Apply for free before April the 23rd!

Each book of Bruxelles Art Vue contains works of about 100 carefully selected artists, each of them receiving 2 dedicated pages. Bruxelles Art Vue – Human Body is Art deadline for applications is April the 23rd!

Application is very easy:

1) Fill in a preliminary application. We will review your work.
2) If the artist is approved, they will be notified by end of April, 2021
3) After approval, you will need to pay a participation fee ranging from 35€ to 56€ check the details

If approved, and after BAV receives your participation fee, you will receive:
  • 2 dedicated pages in the 2021 edition of BAV Human Body is Art book
  • pages will include your photos, short biography, and your contact details
  • full editing, layout and design, text review, preparation of your high-quality images for print
  • a chance to have one photo on the front cover or back cover of the book (the best photos selected by the BAV team)
  • you will receive one paper copy of the book and /or permanent access to the e-version of the book – depending on which option you choose (find out more here)
  • you will be able to purchase additional books for your family and friends at a discounted price
  • your photos will be published on our social media channels (Instagram and Facebook page)
  • in the future – depending on the pandemic situation – a possibility to participate in an exhibition in Bruxelles and possibly other major European cities

You may also have a look at our planning page to see what will come next!