Street Photography 2021 – hardcover



Street Photography hardcover album.
Creating this book was a real adventure, which exceeded all expectations!
There are as many street photography definitions as there are street photographers. This is not a surprise at all, because our streets and our own views on what is important, interesting, or beautiful are diverse beyond imagination.
In the Bruxelles Art Vue book, Street Photography edition, you will find works of artists of many backgrounds and cultures. Each of them giving us their perspective and interpretation.
You will find works of people who lived with photography through all their lives and those who have discovered it on their way. There are images taken with film, advanced cameras, but also those taken with a smartphone.
We give this book into your hands, wishing you experiencing the diversity of art.
The free digital download will be available soon.
152 pages
30,5 x 22,5 cm
ISBN 978-83-961136-0-3