Human Body is Art – hardcover



Human Body is Art hardcover album.
It has started on caves’ walls.
The human body is an endless source of inspiration. Artists’ have the special power to show our inner worlds of emotions, life stories, and culture, by painting, sculpting, and photographing our bodies.
We are lucky to live in times of free expression, and we may portray our bodies without artificial boundaries. It is a great pleasure to give you this book, in which each artist has a different way to share their vision, culture, and aesthetic.
Bruxelles Art Vue – Human Body is Art 2021 edition includes paintings, photos, sculptures, and digital art. You will find there the works of many well-established artists, as well as a selection of very talented, but not yet known to a wider audience.
220 pages
30,5 x 22,5 cm
ISBN 978-83-961136-1-0