Open Calls and Events!

Here all our current open calls and upcoming or current events! General rule – don’t worry about deadlines – if it is here, apply!

  • Street Life 2022 (published)
  • Human Body is Art 2022 – album will be published soon
  • Limitless Nature 2022 (open call)
  • Volumes of Darkness (September)
  • Power of Color (November)

Sponsored article – open call

Art Vue Prize:
  • Spring 2022 edition (results)
  • Summer 2022 (finished, results will be announced by the end of May)
  • Autumn 2022 (August)
  • Winter 2022 (October)

Bruxelles Art Vue Expo – to be planned

Limitless Nature 2022 – Open Call – Early bird!

We have the pleasure to announce an open call to the 2022 edition of Limitless Nature album! LIMITLESS NATURE – have YOUR WORKS published in a beautiful hardcover art album! We look forward to seeing any artistic creation that shows the beauty or story of our nature. Wild and not-so-wild animals, landscapes, flora. Apply here […]

Publication of a sponsored article on our B.on Art Vue blog

We offer a possibility to publish an interview with you, featuring your story, your opinions and thoughts, alongside with a large selection of your works. The post will be available on B.on Art Vue permanently, and you can use it as a reference on any future occasions.

We offer:

  • interview prepared by one of our journalists
  • publication 3 -5 photos of yourself
  • publication of up to 15 photos of your works
  • feature on our Facebook – post and a story
  • feature on our Instagram – story saved in featured stories

Example article:

Curiosity inspires us! – Jacqueline Kumer

by Madalina Dragos The original language of this article is English. If you read it in another language, it means it is an automatic translation. Check current open calls by Art Vue! Whenever I have the opportunity to talk to young people, I am always pleasantly surprised by how deep, and beautiful their thoughts can […]

Price: 70€

Please email us at

This is the permanent open call.

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