Volumes of Darkness – new open call!

VOLUMES OF DARKNESS – have YOUR WORKS published in a beautiful hardcover art album! We look forward to seeing any artistic creation that shows art of black and white. Magic of light, shadow, art of contrast and emotions.

We accept:

  • photography (macro and drone included)
  • paintings
  • drawings
  • digital art
  • sculptures

Apply for free before September the 10th, 2021 (new deadline 17/09/21)

on the blog post cover a photo by Eszter Varga

Each book of Bruxelles Art Vue contains works of about 100 carefully selected artists, each of them receiving 2 dedicated pages. 

Our hardcover albums size is 22 x 30 cm.

On the photo above: Inga Falkowska – one of the artists published in the Human Body is Art 2021 edition

Published so far:

Previous edition – Street Photography

Application is very easy:

1) Fill in a preliminary application for the Volumes of Darkness 2021 edition. We will review your work.
2) If the artist is approved, they will be notified by end of September 2021.
3) After approval, you will need to pay a participation fee ranging from 35€ to 56€ check the details

free application to open call for artist or photographer
No membership fees, no entry fees


The sooner you apply, the sooner you may be featured on our Instagram and Facebook feeds!


We don’t spam, we inform. Stay updated about upcoming calls, available free e-books, hardcover editions, and other interesting topics.

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Collaboration with Belgian Art!

Collaboration and support in the artistic world is priceless!

With a great pleasure, let us announce BAV’s partnership with the Belgian Art platform.

On the Belgian Art you will discover a large choice of artworks of exclusively Belgian artists, art organizations and Belgian galleries. You may create an account and place the best artworks in your favorites.

If you are an art collector or a gallery representative, you will find there the most divine artwork and get in contact with artists to buy, rent or make an appointment to see the artwork in real life. The artist will certainly appreciate your interest in his work. Discover how it works for art lovers : Art lovers

If you are an artist yourself, check out how it works via for artists: Artists

Find out more about our partnership model here.

Open call for exhibition!

Exhibit your works in the heart of Brussels in October 2021!

This is an open call for artists, who would like to participate in the physical exhibition of their works in a gallery in the center of Brussels. The exhibition will last 2 weeks, including vernissage, finissage, and weekend event.

Detailed offer:

  • 2 weeks (18 – 31 October), physical exhibition in an elegant gallery (see photos above) in the heart of Brussels (2 min walk from Grand Place, Mont des Arts and Central Station)
  • Full time presence of a curator, who will also talk to prospective clients and visitors in the gallery
  • No commission on sold works
  • 3 events – vernissage, finissage and weekend event (drinks, snacks and service included)
  • Advertisement costs are already included in the participation fee

Open call conditions and fees:

  • Due date to send your entry – July the 31st 2021
  • 9 artists will be selected
  • priority is given to the authors who were already published in one of the BAV’s books
  • each artist may expose 3 to 5 works, which may be replaced during the exhibition.
  • participation costs are total of 470€ per artist (an advance of 60€ will be needed after selection). The rest of the fee will be payable in the second half of September.
  • artists will need to deliver their works to the gallery, fix them on a wall, and collect after the expo (if not possible, we may agree on shipping arrangements individually).

In case of any questions please send an email to: admin@bruxellesartvue.com

Collaboration with Polish Women Photographers Community

Collaboration and support in the artistic world is priceless!

Polish Women Photographers community is a space for women and non-binary people for whom self-realization is important and the need to speak up on important social issues through the medium of photography. PWP wants to inspire, support, and promote their work.

Polish women photographers collaboration with BAV

PWP is a very dynamic community with a very engaged audience. Our collaboration started with the Human Body is Art 2021 edition and occurred very fruitful! Many artists applied thanks to their publication and several of them made it to the book!

Małgorzata Wakuluk, the founder of PWP, has written very encouraging words to their audience:

“I personally recommend this initiative to you. You already know me well enough that I am constantly trying to encourage you to meet all the possibilities that will help you realize your photographic passion and continuous artistic development.
I have already tested on myself many times that contact gives contact. And even if it doesn’t bring you the big win right away, it keeps you growing and the impossible becomes more and more possible.”

We couldn’t agree more!

BAV is very open to such collaboration. If you happen to represent an artistic community, art gallery, or other artistic groups, and you would be interested in a partnership with BAV, please contact us at admin@bruxellesartvue.com .

Here are Human Body is Art 2021 edition participants who have applied through the PWP:

Marta Szyszka in Bruxelles Art Vue collaboration
Sami Plapis in Bruxelles Art Vue
Katarzyna Leszczynska Kaszuba in Bruxelles Art Vue
Iwona Suszycka in Bruxelles Art Vue
Marcelina Szczuraszek in Bruxelles Art Vue
anna tomaka in Bruxelles Art Vue collaboration

You may also see these and all other works published in the Human Body is Art 2021 edition in the free eBooks – click here!

Thank you again Polish Women Photographers!

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Bruxelles Aert Vue Human Body is Art gallery

Gallery, part 2 – selection from Human Body is Art edition

This gallery presents to you several selected works from the Bruxelles Art Vue – Human Body is Art 2021 edition!

Few weeks back we have already published the first part of this series, which you may find here.

Most of the photos in this gallery wouldn’t make it to our social media, without a risk of blocking our feeds, therefore let us give them the visibility they deserve in a different way!

You may see these and many other works in a free e-book – download here.

Evert Obdeijn

Black and white photography makes the female body special, with the use of light and shadow giving it a high emotional value. In particular, the directions of Roberto Bogers, photography teacher
at the Center for the Arts in Eindhoven, inspired me in this special corner of photographing people.

Alexis Stefanides


Hello there, I’m Alexis Stefanides, dreamer, artist, and slightly addicted to coffee and music. I am guided by a great feeling of LOVE about LIFE. My biggest loves are my beautiful wife and my little son. Art is a personal thing that touches everyone differently. We all have our own unique style and creative vision that we see in life. My studies in psychology made me want to find a way to capture the connection between people or with their inner world. For me moment matters! So, photography was the path.

Margherita Franzoni


I was born, live, and work in Ferrara-IT. My background is sociology, I’m a conferences organizer and I collaborate in the organization of the Riaperture Photofestival Ferrara. My interest in photography began a long time ago but I started shooting seriously in 2017. Today photography is the „bubble” where I can express myself freely, the images are my words. I define my language as a kind of poetics
of small things, a very intimate search where images are most often a reflection of my inner world.

Tatum Kempers

Tatum Kempers’ photographic work consists of self-portraits that she makes using various techniques. The process is like a diary to her. With this, she examines her inner conflicts. These photos are from the series „The Rules Are Broken,” in which she reflects on the pandemic.
Tatum Kempers lives in the Netherlands. She has been working as an artist and photographer since graduating from the School of Photography in 2014. She exhibits both nationally and internationally.

Nina Schönian-Söllig


I was born on May 2nd, 1980, I am married and the mother of three wonderful children. I work in my studio under the name Arteria Art mainly in oil on canvas, but I use a variety of techniques and teach as a lecturer in the visual arts. I exhibit at home and abroad and have won several nominations and placements of various art prizes. My style is figurative painting, although that was never a conscious choice as more of a kind of birthmark.

Stay tuned, we will soon publish more Gallery posts in the BAV’s news!


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Successful publication – how to make the best out of Bruxelles Art Vue?

Successful publication of your artworks is obviously, very important. Here are 8 useful hints on how you can make the best out of Bruxelles Art Vue!

Bruxelles Art Vue focuses on promoting art. If you are an artist who would like to gain more audience, or you look for inspiration, or you are an art enthusiast – this is the place for you!

  • If you plan to apply, do it as soon as possible

We publish works of our candidates on BAV’s social media channels and also, sometimes, in our news feed. The sooner you apply, the sooner your works may be featured. It is free and easy – you do not need to pay without even knowing if you will be selected, and all we need at the beginning is up to 6 photos and simple data.

Current open call: LIMITLESS NATURE:

  • Subscribe to our news feed

Our news feed is all about sharing useful information. Updates on planned publications, reminders about deadlines, information on books and e-books being available. It will help you to stay up-to-date and not miss any opportunities.

  • Have a look at already published e-books

It is free and full of inspiring works. All we ask for is a simple registration. If you consider applying, such an e-book is a perfect way to see how your pages will look like.

  • If you are an art enthusiast or you run a gallery – help an artist near you!

It happens sometimes, that great talented artists do not really have a great talent for technology. If you know someone who creates great works but does not really follow social media and would not feel comfortable completing the web form themselves – you may apply in their name!

  • Are you wondering if there will be any edition matching your specific area of interest?

Check our planning page! Bruxelles Art Vue plans to publish several editions a year. The best thing is that you may apply in advance, and/or you may subscribe to our news feed to be informed when application collection will start.

  • Is English not your preferred language?

Would you prefer to be informed about Bruxelles Art Vue in another language? Or would you prefer your biography to be printed in your mother tongue? Both are easily possible! Our website, thanks to Google translate is available in many languages. In addition, we are very open to include texts in other languages than English. We believe that language is part of an artist’s identity and culture.

  • Don’t be concerned about your photos quality for printing.

Yes, there are certain requirements for photos to be of good quality for printing. But, we are here to help you. You are very welcome to ask us about the requirements and get some tips and best practices on how to make a good photo. Also, we have a graphic designer and photo editor here and they take good care of your work and prepare it for a successful publication.

  • Don’t let any doubts stop you!

Whenever you have any questions – just write to us. You will find the FB messenger link on our website, you may send an email to bav@bruxellesartvue.com or use the contact form.

Gallery, part 1 – selection from Human Body is Art

This gallery presents to you several selected works from the Bruxelles Art Vue – Human Body is Art 2021 edition!

Most of these photos wouldn’t make it to our social media, without a risk of blocking our feeds, therefore let us give them a visibility they deserve in a different way!

You may see these and many other works in a free e-book – download here.

Lara Bol:

“In 2020 I started photographing my fascination for the human body, movement, energy, lines within the body (muscle or shadow), and expression. It inspires me HOW someone is as an individual. Their likes, their passion, their energy, and their character. How they move and act. I try to capture them in their natural element. I try to portray them in such a way that I hope the public will get the same feeling I get when I work with people. My design method is Homo Ludens.”

photo: Lara Bol

Cristiana Elena Capota


“I am a Romanian photographer, based in Cluj Napoca, who experiments with portraiture. I strive to find beauty in the peculiar, twisting the human form and using it to create an aura of restlessness around my art.”

Photo: Cristiana Elena Capota

Peter Carellini


“Growing up, I mostly felt alone as a below the right knee amputee – save for
the company of my uncle. He had lost his thumb in a carpentry accident some
years around my birth, and so it always warmed my heart to go downstairs
and see his stump that looked like mine. Here, I captured the image in all of his
smoky Brooklyn glory, the natural cadence of my extended family. This photo is
tribute, celebration, and a thank you.”

Photo: Peter Carellini
limitless nature open call

Juliana Chetrone

“This Collection of mine is called Femininity in 7 acts and it is about being a woman in different environment and circumstances. I used fluorescent paint (its sensitive at UV lights) on canvas.”

Juliana Chetrone
Gallery continued:

Katrien Colenbie

Born in Flanders (B), 22/06/62, living near Brussels, novice amateur photographer. Since 2015 member of the collective ‘Stadsbiografie Brussel’. I carry my Fuji cameras with humor, compassion, and a lot of curiosity. My appetite to taste the unknown is innate. How people behave and interact in and with their surroundings triggers me to immortalize them in photography. Like most of the street photographers, I am a bit voyeuristic and I prefer to take candid shots. Viviane Maier is my heroine!

Photo by Katrien Colenbie

KIU Collective

In Cantonese, the sound KIU refers to „a bridge / to bridge”. KIU’s art practice is based on the idea that communication exists prior to language. Communication emerges from the entanglements of the elements within the environment. The work develops through intuitive experimentation with material encounters that belong to a specific place, resulting in intimate documentation that raises questions about possibilities and limits of human senses in relation to the environment.

KIU Collective

Karolina Dadura


Born in 1989 in Ełk, a town in the Mazury region in the east of Poland. Currently lives and creates in Białystok. An independent artist. In her works, she focuses on man, his emotions, fears, and inner pain. On the silhouette subjected to constant experiences, which often seemingly calm shows a troubled interior. According to the artist: „Human is a mystery for me, which every time I try to discover anew, measuring myself with my own demons”.

Karolina Dadura

Maria Panagiota Giannakaki

„Under the blanket of white cloth, the statues looked mysterious and oddly alive”. The above words from Lizzie’s Calliga’s book entitled „Metoikesis”, were the source of inspiration for the creation of my own photo sequence entitled „Breathe”, which consists of a total of thirteen self-portrait photos. My photographic narrative has exactly this purpose. To bring to life a lifeless statue that initially follows the principle of covering the whole body first and parts of it later.

by Maria Panagiota Giannakaki


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special mentions blog post

Special mentions in the Human Body is Art 2021 edition

Special mentions in the BAV Human Body is Art edition – here they are!

We have already announced our back and front cover winners:

In one of our previous posts ( Cherries on BAV’s cake! ), we have listed other prizes for participants in the Human Body is Art 2021 edition.

Special mentions in the Human Body is Art 2021 edition:

The first one by Angeliki Manta, and you may find it on the first page of the book. The photo looks like a Renaissance fresco or a masterpiece sculpture. Angeliki writes: “Desire and the ways it is embodied and experienced in relation to the surrounding environment. My aim is to present a hidden reality which everyone recognizes but no one admits one of fragility and unspoken desires.”

Human Body is Art 2021 1st page special mention
1st page of Human Body is Art 2021

The second one is by Itie Langeland, which you may find just next to the opening page. This work is captivating and aesthetically overwhelming. This is what Itie wrote about her works: “From every magazine or book that gets into my hands, I cut out the pages with faces. (…) In addition to collage, embroidery, and painting, certain parts of the works have been cut out to create lace-like structures. In hand embroidery and cutting is a great deal of labor intensity, repetition, patience, and attention; a meditative activity that invites a slow way of looking, in contrast to the volatility of the fast images with which we are confronted daily in the media.”

Last but not least – special pages, on which we have mentioned works that haven’t made it to the main content, but we still wanted to show them in the book.

You will find here works of:

Itie Langeland

Reflectedcity Rodrigo García Fernández

Cecilia Gainaru

Marta Szyszka

special mentions in the BAV Human Body is Art 2021
Last but not least – special mentions

To see all the works and all the pages, you may download our editions as pdfs for free, here.

Free pdfs download Bruxelles Art Vue
Download free pdfs

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Human Body is Art – front cover winner!

“White Widow” by Kelly Heselmans

In one of our previous posts, you will find a list of special rewards for participants in our publications – Cherries on BAV’s cake!

One of these prizes is to be chosen to be printed on a book cover! Today we announce the winner of the front cover print of Human Body is Art 2021 edition – Kelly Heselmans

“White Window” is about the human body, beauty, story, and emotions. We see how a model transforms into a symbol and uses this extraordinary ability to share emotions and a story of the author’s life with us. We see a very original pose, in the photo which is simple and the model’s body is the only mean of powerful expression.  

This is what Kelly says about the story behind her work:

“This photo is about leaving a former life, one that I didn’t belong in, one that was being lived for me, not by me. Escaping the web that was woven by the cult I grew up in. Letting go of a marriage, friends, and family. Trying to find my own way of thinking and feeling, without resentment. Doing what’s right for my life.

The model in the photo is my sister Lindsey, she had her own path to follow, healing wounds of a similar past. We came together in this project, facing the life we left behind, grateful for our new way of being.”

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Human Body is Art – back cover winner!

Bruxelles Art Vue back cover print winner: “Metamorphoses” by Monika Cichoszewska, large format Kodak View camera,  wet plate collodion, ambrotype on clear glass full plate.

Model: @monsieur _borgia

In one of our previous posts, you will find a list of special rewards for participants in our publications – Cherries on BAV’s cake!

One of these prizes is to be chosen to be printed on a book cover! Today we announce the winner of the back cover print of Human Body is Art 2021 edition – Monika Cichoszewska!

„Metamorphoses” gained a special place in the Bruxelles Art Vue Human Body is Art 2021 edition, due to its ability to convey a feeling of being observed. All the works in this book have been created by the observation of human bodies and emotions. Thus a viewer may relate to all art included in our book, also as a subject.

The photo has been created in a special technique. This is what Monika, the author, says about it:

„My passion is traditional photography, as well as manual and chemical processes in photography. 

A special place in my field of interest is the XIX wet collodion technique, which I chose as my medium of artistic expression. In using it, I search for contemporary forms of expression. 

The merits of this technique are uniqueness and individuality. 

The final result is that the outcome of the project performed in this technique has a certain amount of uncertainty every time. The end effect consists of both the artist’s creations, thermal conditions as well as chemical processes taking place. The photographic reality is created by the photographer and the unknown results arising from the physio-chemical process of creating a photo.

The project thus gains a subjectively enhanced artistic value as well as personal and emotional implications, as each picture is individual, impossible to replicate. 

Because of this, “we are creators right from the very beginning to the very end, and only us and the alchemy have an impact on the final image, all its aspects, imperfections, and its scope.” I utilize the long exposure time to soften the image, to record what is elusive, the thought processes, the passage of time, and the phenomenon of the wind.”

Thank you Monika for your great work!

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