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Art Expo Algarve – let’s meet in Portimão in September!

At Art Vue we are proud to have a chance to represent selected artists at Art Expo Algarve, taking place in Portimão, Portugal this September! Before sharing even more information about our exhibition, we would like to introduce John Ganhao. A gallerist, art passionate, and the organizer of this large scale and unique event! Q: […]

The Universe is an endless landscape – Denisa Olexa Bogdalíková

By Aneta de Cock The Universe. What hides such a powerful word? Maybe there is mystery in it? Since the dawn of history, human beings have devoted themselves to the art of faithOur ancestors looked for gods in the rocks of energy craftsmanship wind, water, fire and today ? What does it look like today? […]

Open Call – Art Vue / art3f Bruxelles, 25-27 Nov. 2022

The Art Vue Foundation is excited to share the news that we will organize an exhibition during the art3f International Contemporary Art Fair/Salon International d’Art Contemporain in Brussels, 25 – 27 November 2022. This is an open call to participate in the Art Vue Foundation exhibition. The theme of the expo is: ‘The Art of […]

Don’t look back! – Anna Rendecka

The original language of this article is English. If you read it in another language, it means it is an automatic translation. by Madalina Dragos Anna Rendecka  won Art Vue Prize Spring 2022 edition with “Don’t look back!” series published in the Art Vue Prize catalog. Be yourself! Express yourself! Quick links: Visual analysis by Madalina […]

Art Vue Prize Summer 2022 Results

First of all, we would like to thank all participants for submitting their artwork to our Open Call, Art Vue Prize Summer 2022 edition. At the Art Vue Foundation,  we appreciate talented artists like yourself expressing interest in our Prize; it was an honor to review all of the highly individual and impressive artworks!  The selection has been particularly difficult […]

Life for a while or all eternity? – Eftychia Kazouka

by Aneta de Cock Let us stop, my friends, let’s take a few breaths for a moment, let’s think for a moment. Can you keep it?My today’s guest is a talented photographer Eftychia Kazouka. In her works, Eftychia expresses her idea, magic for me, stops the scene, and catches moments in the frame. So my more recent […]


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