Art of Portaiture Exhibition 25-27 Nov, 2022

Welcome to the “Art of Portraiture” exhibition by Art Vue Foundation.

We are proud to share with you the artworks of twenty-four artists from all over the World. Their background is diverse, as often happens in the arts; therefore, we present an exhibition with interesting points of view on a portrait. Also, the fact that we have contemporary paintings alongside photography, drawing, illustrations and sculpture in one exhibition increases the vibe of diversity.
The iconic photographer Annie Leibovitz once said that there is room for a point of view in a portrait and that the final representation doesn’t necessarily have to reflect literally what is going on. Well, this is an interesting statement which was also the ideological statement for curating our exhibition.

Ioana Cobzaru

Practical information: “Art of Portraiture”, at art3f art fair in Brussels, 25-27 of November, 2022.

We hope you’ll join us for this exhibition!

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Sharronn Amusan

Sharronn Amusan is an artist who lives and works in the Paris area, where she regularly exhibits. She was born and bred in Coventry, England, a medieval town destroyed by bombs one November night in 1940 and rebuilt hastily in the after-war years. Her youth was certainly imprinted, albeit unconsciously, with the chaos of a landscape under construction. Although she had spent much of her time drawing, a future in the arts had not been suggested; but some years later she joined different workshops, notably that of Daniel Lacomme, where she got the taste for abstraction and collage. She uses acrylic paint, found or self-made papers, torn and old posters and paintings. Plexiglas, once a protection for her collages, is now taking on the role of that of the canvas.

Jusqu’ici tout va bien (Up till now, all is well)

2022, 61 x 81 cm
impression on dibond under plexiglass

price: 1100€

Après la bataille (After the battle)

2022, 61×81 cm
impression on dibond underplexiglass

price: 1100€

George Anastasiadis

George Anastasiadis was born in Thessaloniki in 1968. He is a self-taught painter who paints images that seem to originate from the subconscious. Dozens of symbols and messages are hidden in his paintings. He belongs to the surrealists that he admires and for him painting is a kind of a confession. He uses painting to communicate with the world and he hides a little piece of his soul in all his artworks. His paintings are linked to his inner will to find and improve himself, through his philosophical, rational and metaphysical quests. So that in the end the mail goal is personal development.


2021, 20 x 56 cm
ink and watercolors on paper

not for sale


Vickey is an award-winning emerging visual artist who is inviting joyful colors into her paintings, working mostly in acrylics. She trained at the Amiens Jules Verne University, studying Contemporary Drawing Aesthetics and then she moved to Paris, France, exhibiting in galleries in Italy, Spain, Germany and Belgium. Her work is inspired by Klimt and Niki de Saint Phalle. Vickey’s art piece is triumphing happiness and delight, bringing lightness and gentleness into the world.

Big Dreams

2022, 40 x 40 cm
acrylics on stretched cotton canvas

price: 600€

Christophe Ciprietti

Christophe Ciprietti is a Belgian self-taught photographer (born 1976), lawyer by profession. Passionate about street photography, has recently tried his hand at portraiture, in natural light or in the studio. He mainly finds his inspiration in the works of Ernst Haas and Fan Ho for his street photography art and in Mapplethorpe and Newton for his beginning portraiture projects.


2022, 40 x 60 cm

price: 400€

Madalina Dragos

Mădălina Angelica Dragoș (1971) is a Romanian visual artist with the artist name “Madi”. She started drawing at a young age but, with the passage of time, Madi discovered that she wanted to understand the phenomena of nature and devoted herself to this goal, graduating from the Faculty of Sciences in 1997. She was a physics teacher for a long time and also graduated from Fine Arts in 2011. Notably, she burned all the drawings and paintings made until then, considering them unaesthetic. She is using different techniques and has created many compositions from still life to portraits that emphasize emotion. Over time, the human portrait in different contexts became her main subject to paint or draw. She participated in various group exhibitions in Romania, Italy, Bulgaria and Spain.

Entry Point

2022, 70 x 60 cm
oil on canvas

price: 650€

My Dragonfly

2022,70 x 60 cm
oil on canvas

price: 650€

Teodora Dumitrache

Teodora Dumitrache is an artist born in Romania and currently living in Germany. She studied Graphic Design, Fashion Design and Marketing and for about 10 years she has been out of her comfort zone, meaning a long, creative and interesting road that brought her satisfaction. Teodora has exhibited her work internationally, among others in Romania, France, Italy, Germany, USA, Austria, Switzerland, Georgia, Monaco, UK, Spain, Palazzo della Cancelleria Vaticana and South Korea. She also received international awards, her work being collected in museums and by private collectors.

Epices Exquises

2022, 77 x 77 cm
mixed canvas, cotton paper,acrylic, pastel pencil, chalk dust

price: 1100€

Eleni Gemeni

Eleni Gemeni is a digital artist and experimental photographer based in Luxembourg. Her art is a combination of her own photos, drawings and collages. Her post processing art techniques and photo manipulation are exploratory and unconventional, making her art a visual journey that embraces the unexpected. She is an award winning artist, has received multiple honorable mentions in major international juried competitions and is featured in prestigious art platforms and galleries. Many of her works have been exhibited in Europe (Florence, Porto, Zurich, Milan, Fuerteventura) and in the US (New York, Miami, Palo Alto CA, Savannah GA).

Behind the mask (No. 1/10)

2022, 54 x 68 cm (framed)
Technique: photo manipulation, illustration
Limited edition giclée art print (run of 10), signed and with Certificate of Authenticity
Hahnemühle German Etching

price: 1100€

Lady Agatha (No. 1/10)

2022, 54 x 68 cm (framed)
Technique: photo manipulation, illustration
Limited edition giclée art print (run of 10), signed and with Certificate of Authenticity
Hahnemühle German Etching

price: 1100€

Marie Jo Goditiabois

Marie-Jo, born in 1967 in Halle , Belgium is a self-taught artist. She became interested in digital art in 2020 and, while suffering from Ehler Danlos syndrome, she had to change her mode of operation to listen to her body.
Previously, active life took an important place in her life, but with the impossibility of working and sometimes even not being able to move, she had to find an escape. What could be better than art to show that in life there is always a way to bounce back…
Her creations are often surreal, she does not forbid herself anything, letting herself to be guided by her imagination. Her works, although digital, are printed only once, making them unique art pieces.

The hidden truth

Year: 2022, size 40 x 60 cm
Technique: mixed media photography (only one print of each artwork); material: printed on chromalux wood, with a glossy effect.

price: 750€

Sven Goewie

Sven Goewie (b° 1974) was born & raised in Hasselt, Belgium. After studying for master’s degrees in photography and typography, he set off to travel the world for inspiration. This steered him on a course that led to international Fashion Weeks and creative work in the fashion industry, in print and magazine design. Visited and photographed 5 of the 7 continents. Mostly landscapes and nudes. He currently lives in Antwerp, where he creates portraiture, urban and landscape photography with analogue & digital medium/large/PanX format cameras. Experimenting with long exposures and “slow” photography, very slow portraits, his work explores themes of detachment, isolation, and the echoes of the past. Reversing works with that specific visual tone of voice & storytelling  (like this one by Edward Hopper “Nighthawks “) and viewing them from another point of view (and so thus reverse engineering the initial work) provides us with a different approach.

The Night – Lilah – Nighthawks Reversed

2011, 80 x 40 cm (framed, anti-reflective glass)
photography, monochrome (2022 reprint)


Heather Hauptman

An artist of the Americas, Heather Hauptman has been infused with stories and creatures that manifest in her drawings and embroidery since 2016. Currently based in Denver CO USA, returning home after nine years in Argentina. While in Argentina she began her journey as a self taught artist, telling stories that combine use of found objects in her drawings and embroidery.
Her past life as a nurse informs her art, as she was a witness to the fragility of life. Her art is the place that vulnerability and enchanted thinking come together. The great prairie of the American west and the vast emptiness of Argentina’s Patagonia whisper to her, calling for her calloused nurses’ hands to bring them forth into the world.

Looking Out

2021, 15 x 20 cm

price: 300€ (triptych 850€)

Together Against it All

2021, 15 x 20 cm

price: 300€ (triptych 850€)

Standing in Her Danger

2021, 15 x 20 cm

price: 300€ (triptych 850€)

Liesbeth Heikens

Liesbeth Heikens studied in Delft (Netherlands) to become an art and textile teacher. She continued with a master in art history in Amsterdam, followed by a two year residency at the Royal Academy of Arts in Amsterdam. Meanwhile she took Japanese Sumi-e lessons and learned the traditional way of ink making and the wonders of this ancient technique.
Her painting style changed over the years from very expressive to a calmer and more subtle style. Heikens finds her inspiration in the ‘ordinary’ things around her, which she transforms to something special. She depicts nature, a story, or often a combination of the two with her own recognizable composition and strong use of color. By adding and covering layers of colors, the essence of what she wants to show emerges, often with surprising results even to herself. She has many solo and group exhibitions to her name.

I Always Loved Cats

2021, 122 x 150 cm
acrylic on canvas

price: 2950€

Sophie Huysentruyt

These works are part of a series called “portraits”.

The faces are her own paintings submerged onto photos. They are then printed and re-painted on. At the end she takes another photo and her artworks are printed, on the media of her choice, in limited editions.

Each portrait, although the faces are rather similar, induce an emotion. They provoke a sentiment from deep within and it is that feeling of connection that attracts you to a particular portrait. By looking deeper into the faces you might get a sense of sadness, but the same artwork can give you the notion of peace, calm or satisfaction. You can observe a feeling of greatness, sexual liberation, anger or joy, yet the same portrait can bring an experience of suppression. All depends on what you see, what you feel and what reaction is evoked. Which one do you feel connected with?

These “portraits” have been exhibited in Belgium and abroad and Sophie has had her work featured in various publications

Glass Balls

2022, 50 x 70 cm (framed)
photo on dibond under acrylic glass

price: 850€

Yellow Lady

2022, 50 x 70 cm
photo on aluminium

price: 450€

Eftychia Kazouka

Eftychia Kazouka is a photographer and traveler. She studied photography & cinematography in Greece and in Los Angeles (USC) and is living and working in Paris since 2000. Eftychia has extensively exhibited her work in France (Paris), Greece and Portugal. The artist is also teaching landscape design & horticulture in Paris, since she studied Gardening and Landscape Design at Ecole du Breuil.

Last, but not least, the artist has a number of her works awarded and published.

Au Progres

2020, 40 x 70 cm
digital photography

price: 700€

Helena Lambert

Helena (1964) showed at young age an interest in drawing and sculpting. So it was not a surprise that she took on art school, monumental sculpture. She is primarily interested in figurative sculpture, but in a contemporary way. Also her interest in hermetic and alchemy can be found in the symbols she uses in her work. It always contains a reference to consciousness and historic teachings. In her career she exhibited in a great number of venues and countries, for instance the Rubens house (Museum Night), Museo Bellini in Florence, Sale di Bramante in Rome, Maagdenhuis in Delft, Asia House Londen. At some of these exhibitions she won the first price for sculpture (London, Hasselt, Eghesée) In daily life she tries to mix her work as an art teacher with her practice as a sculptor and her family.

The green lion eating the sun

2022, 20 x 40 cm
epoxy with drawing in pencil

price: 650€ (with pedestal 780€)

Catherine Le Clercq

Catherine Le Clercq is a Belgian artist who has been always fascinated by eyes. She draws since her childhood, studied art and then worked as a graphic designer for over 25 years. Today, she gives us portraits tinged with emotions where looks are her main source of inspiration. She draws on old papers, which gives even more life to her works. She combines her two passions, drawing and graphic design, by adding writing and patterns to her compositions. She transports us elsewhere and gives us portraits of great sensitivity.

Azenzer (Ray of light)

2022, 40 x 52 cm (framed)
drawing, ink & pencil

price: 900€

Komala (Candy)

2022, 40 x 52 cm (framed)
drawing, ink & pencil

price: 900€

Bernard Mailer

Bernard Mailer is a graduate of graphics (2021) at the art department of the Academy of Humanities and Economics in Lodz, Polen in 2021. He is curating the Student’s Gallery “Kontakt”, alongside with being involved in jewelry and fashion design. He has participated in more than 40 group and solo international exhibitions, having work presented in Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Finland, Monaco, Turkey, India, Spain and the USA and created 4 series of prints and 2 series of photographs. Notably he became a finalist in the 2022 Student Nobel Prize in the Arts. He is interested in graphic art, photography, posters, painting and sculpture.

The First Kiss VIII  (1/10)

2017, 50 x 70 cm (framed)

Digital graphics – Giclée

price: on demand (please send email to

Kaim Merali

Kaim Merali’s artistic journey began on a trip to Tibet In 1995. He started as an amateur photographer, with a small hybrid camera and just using autofocus. But the pictures that he started to take opened the door, letting him grow as a photographer and a videographer until today. Kaim arrived in Brussels in 2008 from a long trip to Namibia and South Sudan and his talent continued to blossom. He was offered a more professional camera by a family member and he practiced by photographing Salsa dance events. In the following next four years he was selected to be among the few photographers at Berlin Salsa Dance Congress. He began taking classes at the Brussels School of Photography Agnes Varda in 2010 and edited his first documentaries, followed by a successful presentation of two films as his graduation as a documentary videographer in 2014.

The Ballerina in Antwerpen
2022, 50 x 75 cm

price: 500€

2022, 75 x 50 cm

price: 500€

Juan Monte

Juan Martín Monte Casablanca (1980) is was born in Buenos Aires Argentina in a family very dedicated to many art forms, painting, film making, acting and script writing, so artistic expression was nurtured from a pretty young age. Juan has lived in many countries throughout his life and got into photography as its primary activity, first as a curious amateur in Costa Rica and as a professional later on in Nicaragua since 2005. Nicaragua proved to be a fertile ground for experimentation in a wild west kind of arts scene producing several short films and photographic depictions. Juan took in 2017 the decision to come to Europe. It’s in Turnhout, heart of the Belgian Kempen region that Juan started to grow a singular language both in photography and in mixed media, developing techniques that combine digital photography, serigraphy and hand coloring with watercolors and Chinese inks. These kinds of experiments have caught the attention of the public and slowly but steadily his works have been exhibited in Brussels, Antwerp and Turnhout. Currently Juan is the creative director for De Ruimte VZW social arts atelier in Turnhout.

2022, 43 x 58 cm (framed)
Jet ink photo print on artisanal paper, hand colored with aquarelle and Chinese ink

price: 1000€

Bernd Reichert

Bernd Reichert was born in 1960 in East Germany. After the reunification he left the country and stranded on the surrealist shores of Belgium. Since 2021 he lives and works in Berlin. A self-taught artist but trained in various forms of printmaking he created the artist book edition MailWorks@Brussels in 1994 and worked with collages and prints. Between 2014 and 2018 he created less art and travelled the world extensively. More recently he added figurative painting to his practice and in his art he is deeply influenced by the new objectivity movement of the 1920s and magic realism. With his work he seeks to create orientation in and to understand the innermost interrelationships of our world, which is far more volatile, unpredictable, changing and ambiguous than ever before. He is exhibiting worldwide in solo and group exhibitions, among others in Germany, UK, Belgium, Lituania, US, France and Malta.

Portrait of Sarah ama Duah, Artist
2022, 70 x 70 cm
acrylics on canvas

price: 2000€

Ingrid Slaa

Ingrid Slaa (Netherlands) tries to depict the world around her, what strikes her, what she thinks about, what she experiences, or what she encounters in an image. The exciting thing is that she does not know in advance what a work will become in the end. What material she will use, whether it will be 2D or 3D, large or small. The leitmotiv in her work is the use of her own body. Ingrid often starts with a new sculpture by making a mold of (a part of) her own body. Think of hands, fingers, feet, her face, ears, nose, legs or also her back. With this mold, she makes several casts in various materials. From playing with these casts, making sketches, and collecting words related to a certain event or feeling, a new work grows. As an artist, she challenges herself to regularly research and apply new materials. Most used so far are: casting wax, silicone, plaster and epoxy. Sometimes also in combination with textiles and photography. Ingrid regularly exhibits solo or as a participant in a group exhibition. She has both a studio and a home gallery. The gallery shows her own work, but she also invites fellow artists.

2018, 48 x 58 cm
Material: silicon, sewing thread, mdf panel, old frame

price: 950€


price: 450€

Linda Van den Bossche

Linda Van den Bossche was born and bred in Flanders and lives in Brussels. She always has been passionate about photography and a few years ago, she started taking courses to improve her techniques. Her favorite subjects are landscapes and portraits. Photography is an ideal way of meeting people, who each have their unique looks and character. Beauty can be found in every single one of them and it is an honor for Linda to be allowed to try to capture this in beautiful pictures.

Black & White, a perfect match
2022, 60 x 60 cm
digital photography

price: 500€

A hint of melancholy
2022, 60 x 60 cm
digital photography

price: 500€

Juan Vivanco

Juan Pablo Vivanco was born in Mexico City in 1990. During his childhood he attended to different religious institutions, which defined his rebellious and hyperactive nature. At the age of 17, he began to work in a publishing house specialized in the showbusiness, where he met a lot of Mexican famous artists. Disappointed after a series of conversations he had with them, he decided to resign and enroll in a film career at the Center for Studies in Communication Sciences in Mexico City at the age of 23. In this school he developed mainly as a film director and photographer. Later he attended art and photography appreciation classes and thanks to this Vivanco discovered a world little explored so far and decided to travel the path of Art. However, it was not until the age of 28 that he, like any good surrealist, discovered his reality through his dreams, whispered by his late brother Mario Gerardo Vivanco Viniegra (R.I.P.), who helped him overcome his own absence and find Vivanco´s art vision. He currently runs the multidisciplinary production house Mictlan Pictures, where he develops as a film director, producer, photographer and visual artist.

Colton´s portrait
2022, 60 x 60 cm
digital photography, photographic paper Cotton 350 grms

price: 1200€

Kohlben Vodden

Kohlben Vodden is an internationally exhibited Australian-born contemporary artist based in London, UK. His evocative abstract portraits can be found in private collections across Europe and the USA. Employing psychological insights and masterfully bold colour palettes his works explore psychological concepts such as identify and aesthetics. Through his practice he explores stories that exist in the dissonance between how we internally define ourselves versus the version of ourselves we craft for the world to see. To reveal these hidden stories, he embarks on a deep process of connection, deconstruction, and reconstruction. To connect, he engages directly with the subject, asking intimate questions about how they define their inward identity and self-concept. Vodden enjoys the juxtaposition of using traditional mediums such as oil paint in uncharacteristically controlled techniques to create intensely contemporary aesthetic images that could, upon first glance, be considered digital in origin. His work was quickly recognised across the UK and internationally and has been included in exhibitions in Berlin, London, Milan, and New York. Vodden’s unique approach has also been included in art and culture publications including among others British Vogue.

Blue Michael
2022, 90 x 90 cm
oil on canvas

price: 3990€

Judith Vossen

Judith Vossen graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam in 1994 and since then she has been working as an independent visual artist. The work is characterized by a recognizable and clear visual language. In her images – absurd – situations can be seen in which people relate in an uneasy way to everyday objects and their own body. In these works, she shows her personal view on the complexity of everyday life. The (im)possibility to experience physical closeness to the other is a recurring theme in her work. Individual memories are reduced to the essence and with minimal means she arrives at a layered image. Judith lives in Amsterdam and works in a large studio building. In her work she uses various materials to make molds or to cast shapes. She often combines these forms with existing objects. In several sculptures, casts of her own body are part of the sculpture.

I wish I was Jacky Brown
2021, 37 x 14,5 x 0,5 cm
pu-resin cast

price: 950€

Partial protection
2022, 32 x 7 x 4 cm.
mixed media, plastic, wood, paint

not for sale

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