Art Expo Algarve – let’s meet in Portimão in September!

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At Art Vue we are proud to have a chance to represent selected artists at Art Expo Algarve, taking place in Portimão, Portugal this September!

Before sharing even more information about our exhibition, we would like to introduce John Ganhao. A gallerist, art passionate, and the organizer of this large scale and unique event!

John Ganhao

Q: What is the story behind the expo? How did you get an idea?

I have spent more than 20 years living abroad, mainly in the UK, Ireland, USA and Canada, these years have opened my appetite for art.

I was lucky to marry an artist 14 years ago. My wife´s artistic career made me travel worldwide and see what many art fairs were doing to promote and sell art. After Brexit in the UK, we decided it was time to move and set on to a new project. We moved to Portimão, Algarve and opened a gallery there.

Immediately after many conversations with other artists living in Portugal, we noticed that many of them had no international event to showcase their work. A decision was made to initiate a big international event in Portugal. After many meetings we reached an agreement to organize ART EXPO ALGARVE.

John Ganchao Art Expo Algarve
John Ganhao

My initial plan was to help promote artists on the international stage with our gallery, going to exhibitions, making contacts and drive sales. After meeting and becoming friends with other artists, my plan changed to try my best to help them succeed as well.

Each artist, I met has something unique to share. Many of them don´t have an opportunity to go abroad and showcase their works. With ART EXPO ALGARVE we are creating a platform for artists and buyers to connect, showcasing their artworks online not just at the event, but all year round using our online sales website. My objective is to make ART EXPO ALGARVE not just the biggest art fair in Portugal, but the best one, with a curated selection of artists, where buyers can easily find emerging and established artists.

My experience from being abroad opened my horizons and I am trying to bring new concepts and ideas to Portugal, showcasing art near the final buyers. Algarve is by far the region in Portugal with more expats and foreigners with a bigger purchasing power.

Inflammable by Joanna Pęgier – one of the artists represented by Art Vue
Q: How is it to organize such a big event?

Not easy at all! Portugal has a long tradition of not being that fast in taking decisions and to see potential in new ideas. When we came about organizing ART EXPO ALGARVE, I personally made hundreds of calls, emails, in person meetings.

We were very well received by “Tourist of Algarve” and since our first contact they have supported us, with marketing our event. It took a bit more work to finally be at a table with the Municipality of Portimão, and reach an agreement for the location “Portimão Arena”.

Maturity by Anna Sobczak – one of the artists represented by Art Vue
Q: Have you got any moments of doubt or troubles you have successfully overcome?

Yes, a lot of investment was made since 2019, with the COVID restrictions knocking us out of our feet just 3 weeks before our event in 2020, same thing happened in 2021. Loss of sales, lost marketing, and promotional materials. We had to adapt, we improved our partners and sponsors, and we are ready to launch our 2022 event.

The Hope by Bożena Ratyńska - one of the artists represented by Art Vue
The Hope by Bożena Ratyńska – one of the artists represented by Art Vue
Q: How would your dream event look like?

As the organizer, we always wish that the event reaches the maximum number of people. Brings artists and art lovers together under one roof. And that the weather which is normally great in September helps create an atmosphere for the exhibition, our art auction, and workshops!

John Ganhao

Artists and galleries can apply, using the link:


Through the glass by Elżbieta Jóźwik- one of the artists represented by Art Vue

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