The Universe is an endless landscape – Denisa Olexa Bogdalíková

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By Aneta de Cock

The Universe. What hides such a powerful word? Maybe there is mystery in it?

Since the dawn of history, human beings have devoted themselves to the art of faith
Our ancestors looked for gods in the rocks of energy craftsmanship wind, water, fire and today ? What does it look like today?

Many times, I have wondered whether the universe is energy or is the universe a God?
What if it is an energy commune and each of us has a part of the universe in us?
Is talent just a gift from this energy?

Some of the artists’ works make you think as if they were out of this world, I mean a miracle made by human work, this is art, the art of creation.

Today’s guest is Denisa Bogdalíková.

Denisa Bogdalíková Human Body is Art 2021 Bruxelles Art Vue
Denisa Bogdalíková in BAV’s Human Body is Art 2021 album

She is a special guest because her works put me in my mind and allowed me to stop for a while. Let me introduce you to her dear readers, in today’s interview we will touch on a fascinating topic.

A: Is a talent is the ability ? what mean to you a word talent?

D: I believe that every human perceives the world around him or her. Somebody more, somebody less. Artists feel this environment very sensitively. Talent is the ability to transform such perception into something special. Painting, sculpture, or graphics can materialize an invisible essence of a particular time or human soul.

A: Do you heave a mission on your art?
D: I feel it is my mission to present invisible things to other people. In practice, I paint and sculpt the spirit of the world, the human soul, and the landscape of my soul. If you feel something similar and have a little talent, the artwork is your mission. In my case, art is as essential as breathing.

A: How you find yourself as a mum and artist its even possible to Cobain this think? Be a mum its full time job how you feel about it?

D: Three years ago, when I became a mother, I did not have time to be in my workshop because my son was completely dependent on me. But during breastfeeding or sleep, I was in my spiritual workshop and work. During such mental exercise, I saw every spatula movement during modelling and every brush move during painting. At the same time, I painted at night in the lamp’s light as much as possible. Such is the reality for me, the need to express myself.

A: Do you think words need art to stop being brutal? To help explore more warm and peace?
D: As I said before, I try to present invisible around me, so naturally, I feel that the war in Ukraine invaded the soul of the world and, subsequently, my art. I work on painting with the title “In wars, there are no victors”, and it expresses a strong example as events in the world affect my sensitivity and art. Last but not least, I try to convey the art to others and pull them into it. I work with people in public places, where I invent creative games with simple rules. They draw bullets or connect different points. The participants are part of the process of final artwork creation. At the same time, they are instruments in this collective endeavour. I would like to inspire them and tear down their mental blocks by doing this. I carry out such happening using elements of action painting for companies, cities, and institutions, but also on festivals

A: If you were to tell a fairy tale about yourself, what would it sound like?

D: It is a fascinating idea to look at own life as a fairy tale. Sometimes, I have felt like a hero who needed to cross seven rivers and seven mountains to disenchant my loved one. Another time, I became a mage who dived into unique energetic realms. However, everything in my story advances toward the victory of good. In the fairy tale, my work will find its addressee to whom it will alter and beatify the ambient interior. I do not reach the part of the story where everything is solved, and we can see a happy end. I uncover secrets, processes, and persons and wait where the story will end.

Denisa Bogdalíková Power of Color 2021 Bruxelles Art Vue
Denisa Bogdalíková in BAV’s Power of Color 2021 album

A: What you think art means to universe?

D: The universe is an endless landscape with God in its centre. Such landscape is an expression of the enormous soul of the world with its diversity that contains individual human souls. In my works, there are not only beautiful people but all existing human forms with different stories and emotions. My universe has both diversity in unity and unity in diversity. For this reason, I believe that art can better our world, our universe.

Maybe the universe is a dream in which we can dream and create our own world?
What if you could be a fairy tale character who would you be?
Today, Denisa took us to her sleep and told her stories touched me and made me reflect. One of them is whether a talent is a gift that the universe gave you and what is your gift?

Thank you for the interview.

Aneta de cock

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