Art Vue Prize Summer 2022 Results

First of all, we would like to thank all participants for submitting their artwork to our Open Call, Art Vue Prize Summer 2022 editionAt the Art Vue Foundation,  we appreciate talented artists like yourself expressing interest in our Prize; it was an honor to review all of the highly individual and impressive artworks! 

The selection has been particularly difficult provided the large number of applications and high-quality level of work we have received. 

We would also like to thank wholeheartedly all participants who made donations – each and every euro counts, and thanks to your generosity we will be able to fund more prizes and support more artists!

After careful consideration, the decision has now been finalized and the jury awarded the following prizes:

Catalog of the Art Vue Prize 2022
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Main Prize – Exhibition in Brussels – award goes to:

Ioana Cobzaru’s “Portrait of Yuna”

Giovanah Faraco

David O Flynn’s “Strange New Worlds”
Strange New Worlds

Nina Schönian-Söllig’s “Romeo and Julia”
Romeo and Julia

Peter Zarkob’s “Uncertainty”

Publication Prizes go to:

Dario Pilato

Bernard Mailer

Lea Farrell

Lea Farrell, Bernard Mailer and Dario Pilato, will be published in one of our upcoming albums free of charge.

The Jury Awards go to:

Brigitte Stolk’s Juror’s Choice award goes to:

Kaim Merali

Aleksandra Rowicka‘s Juror’s Choice award goes to:

Yannick William ASSIEDOU’s

“Twilight 4”

The Art Vue Foundation Board’s Award goes to:

Kristell Lowagie



The Best Portrait Award goes to:

Natalia Ciak

“‘Collodion Portrait with Flower”

'Collodion Portrait with Flower

The Best Architecture Photo Award goes to:

Eric Ostermann

The Best Landscape Painting Award goes to:

Seb Pollington

“Houses, Procida”

Houses, Procida

The Best Landscape Photo Award goes to:

Jean-Pierre Charbonnel

“Lever de soleil sur l’estacade”

Lever de soleil sur l'estacade

The Best Sculpture Award goes to:

Eric Martin

The Best Photo Series Award goes to:

Richard Westerhuis

“‘Is This The Poem I Promised You?”

The Best Digital Series Award goes to:

Iwona Germanek

“‘Pink doesn’t exist”

The Best Sculpture Series Award goes to:

Alexandra Hubinska

The Best Street Photography Award goes to:


The Best Visual Effects Award goes to:

Ann George


The Best Most Original Idea Award goes to:

Noa Ry


Special Mention Awards go to:

The Jury also would like to appreciate the following works by special mention awards:

Bela Balog “Road in the Mountains”
Charles Compo “Bad Birdie”
Dedoy Jac “Spheres Factory”
Alexander Emmanouilidis “Aveiro”
Ingrid Gielen “A stigme goes by”
Jean-Yves Lacour “Eat Light”
Maryline Lièvre “Salutation en jeune”
Matthias Lück “The Milky Way”
Bożena Ratyńska “It will never be the same”
Gunther Schweigert “Centro Storilo di Napoli”
Rafael Triana “Parallel”
Alessia Zolfo

The Jury also selected Top 20 artists and all of them, including all the above works can be seen in the Art Vue Prize Summer 2022 catalog, available for a free download or print purchase below.

An open call for the Fall 2022 Art Vue Prize edition is open!

Art Vue Foundation supports and promotes all activities in the field of culture and art. Thanks to your generosity we can support contemporary artists.

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