Limitless Nature Exhibition – March 2022

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Back in March 2022, the Art Vue Foundation and a collective of Polish artists, members of the Association of Visual Artists (ZAP) organized a wonderful collective exhibition titled “Limitless Nature”.

At the exhibition, viewers could find art created by 16 artists who interpreted nature and the protection of the natural environment, an important topic that is so close to all of us. The artists presented nature in all its diversity, showing its beauty and challenges it faces.

It was a very successful artistic event and we look forward to welcome you to the next events organized by the Art Vue Foundation and Association of Visual Artists (ZAP) .

Limitless Nature exhibition catalog (free download) :

Limitless Nature catalog


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You may find out more about all the artists and their works here:

Limitless Nature Exhibition in Brussels

Limitless Nature – Presented to you by Polish artists On March the 12ve 2022, we will kick off the Limitless Nature exhibition with a great vernissage. Mark your calendars to visit the unique artistic tribute to nature! The exhibition is organized by the Art Vue Foundation and a collective of Polish artists, members of the…

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