A day without painting is a lost one!

Meet our author, an artist and teacher writing for B.on Art Vue: Madalina Dragos!

by Madalina herself

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Painting is my way to be!

When it comes to speaking about myself, words disappear into a corner of my mind. How can I imagine myself for you, so that you can know me as I am?!

I’m just a drop in the ocean full of talented artists from this planet. Recently, I became an art journalist for B. on Art Vue and I am happy about this because I have the opportunity to meet wonderful artists that I would not otherwise have known.

Many of the questions I ask myself, I also ask the interviewed artists and thus the uniqueness of each one is revealed to me, but also those common elements that connect us and make us live for and through art.

Aneta De Cock, the other writer for B. on Art Vue, was asking us the question” Who is an artist?” I think that artists are dreamers with open minds, inwardly, and their works are reflections of the emotional content they had during the creative process. They are also inspired by everything that their aesthetic sense defines as beautiful (and here beautiful can have at least as many shades as the colors (700)).

I, myself listen to music when I paint, which inspires me and helps me to put my emotions on paper.

Each of us is unique and hence the beauty, depth, and veracity of each work of art.
I believe that every artist is animated by internal/external factors, passions, abilities, and skills, knowledge. During the creative process, all these characteristics lead to a definition of them as artists.

More or less well-known artists ?! Each of us struggles with this and only time can stop us from proving it.

As an artist, I participate in all kinds of art competitions and when I fail I feel disappointed and frustrated. But I never stop trying, failures are part of artistic progress, I have to allow my brain to look for new solutions and thus I metamorphose myself with every attempt to succeed.

Madalina Dragos

Always, I start my compositions according to the knowledge I have, from an idea, from knowing how I want the composition to look at the end. But I leave room for the “event” that always surprises me and gives me the questions necessary for that metamorphosis from idea to the final composition.

This discourse between “the event” and the solutions found behind it makes me say that “this is my best work” and this is my attitude as a painter towards art.

I have a great passion for science, which helps me to understand, stimulates my imagination, and opens doors to new visions.

Also, as a teacher I am interested in: visual arts education and its implications for people’s lives, how art innovates the human spirit, and how through art we can attain the truth.
Leaving open the discussions about art and artists, I will end this article about me with a smile, and the prospect of presenting in the future articles about other artists and their works drops in the vast ocean called art.

The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives.

Albert Einstein

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