I say NO to stereotypes – Sofia Dalamagka

by Aneta de Cock

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Inspiration is something that lasts only for a moment and then fades away, you must catch the moment of happiness.

My name is Sofia, and I am a self-taught photographer. I say no to the stereotypes!

Sofia Dalamagka

The educational system in Greece the way it is “shaped” doesn’t allow children to take their time discovering what they like to do. The system rather wants diplomas and degrees and not happy people! I got a diploma.

The nothingness of existing, stillness, was always there. Lurking. So, at some point, there was an explosion inside me, and I started gradually discovering that what I love is photography and everything that has to do with the research around the interaction with it.

Q: From what I understand since you were a child, you felt a rebel inside you who wants to discover something more than the world that has been shown to us so far. What does your path of self-evolution as a photo-lover look like?

I was born in 1984. Most of the time I live in a very small village which is located in central Greece, called Arkitsa Fthiotidas. I think the light from the lighthouse shining inside my room as a child was the reason I decided to become a photographer. I would stare at it, totally bewitched, for hours.

I started photography lessons in 2011 as an amateur. In the last 5 years, photography has become a reason for existence and a way of looking at the world. Many lessons in-between, seminars, lots of studying, experimenting. I love communicating my work in any possible way. Exhibitions, presentations, promotions, taking part in magazines and albums.

Q: What does inspiration mean to you, and how do you feel it?

I am open to any kind of stimulus, wherever it might come from. A moment in a movie, the colors, and texture of a piece of fabric, the shapes created from light and shadows. I draw ideas and get stimulus naturally from photo albums, by studying the work of other photographers, and by reading. Inspiration is something that lasts only for a moment and then fades away, sometimes faster than thought itself. It’s the instant flash that lights up every forgotten and disguised story inside your head.

Sofia’s works have been published in our Street Photography 2021 album

Q: Is there a subject you would like to touch on?

The biggest part of my job evolved around stereotypes, the female position, gender, and isolation. I want every picture to be socially commented on and a reason for concern. We live in times with a lot of violence, fear, and social inequality.

These times shouldn’t be left not commented on, either way, this has to be shown through our work.

Q: What is the recipe is happiness and spontaneity? how do you prepare for your work?

Most of the time I wait. Even if I do street photography. I wait for that little something to happen. The unexpected. Usually, there is no spontaneity, there is only now. Decisiveness. I usually set up the scene and what will be in it. I can see everything happening in front of my eyes, pulsating, like a vision. Most of the time I write down the scenes. Inspiration only lasts for a split second and I forget oh so quickly!

Q: Do you think that art is a method for your happiness and harmony or can it be a therapy not only for the artist but also for the recipients? What do you feel when you create?

When I create, usually I feel is a balance. It is as if I am in a liquid situation, where everything is possible, but still, I float. There are times when I feel anger and rage. I’d rather take these emotions and use them as the idea of my work rather than let them control me. Anger has a dynamic, it can push your creativity to artistic exceed if you handle it correctly. Art is a window into the Abyss. Away from viewing and existing in this world. Art consists of two connecting meanings in my opinion. Art is all-humane and universal at the same time.

Life is a moment it often seems to us that life is blowing through our fingers.

Today’s meeting with Σοφία Δαλαμάγκα showed me that moment can be creative, it can be a muse and the right one caught can be remembered for years.

Thank you, Aneta

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