Art Vue Prize Results are In!!

First of all, we would like to thank all participants for submitting their artwork to our Open Call, Art Vue Prize Spring 2022 editionAt the Art Vue Foundation,  we appreciate talented artists like yourself expressing interest in our Prize; it was an honor to review all of the highly individual and impressive artworks! 

The selection has been particularly difficult provided the large number of applications and high-quality level of work we have received. 

We would also like to thank wholeheartedly all participants who made donations – each and every euro counts, and thanks to your generosity we will be able to fund more prizes and support more artists!

After careful consideration, the decision has now been finalized and the jury awarded the following prizes:

1st Prize and 200€ award goes to:

Anna Rendecka’s “Dont’t Look Back” collage
Anna Rendecka Art Vue Prize 1st place

Publication Prizes go to:

Jojo Hayfron’s

“Strength of a Woman”

Jojo Hayfron art vue prize publication prize

Juan Monte’s


juan monte art vue prize publication prize

Nikolett Nagy’s

“This is not art”

Nikolett Nagy art vue prize publication prize

Jojo Hayfron, Juan Monte and Nikolett Nagy, will be published in one of our upcoming albums free of charge.

The Jury Awards go to:

Ophélie Fourrier‘s Juror’s Choice award goes to:

Eftychia Kazouka’s

“Learning to Fly”

Ophélie’s comments:

” Eftychia’s work is very interesting. The composition is captivating : minimal but extremely thoughtful. I love how the lines, framing and point of interest wisely draws the eyes (and mind) into the depth. The perspective, reflections, symmetry and light emphasize the volumes and create an extra dimension to the pictures. It is profound, introspective and well balanced. Sensitive but exciting. Very impressive work. “

Aleksandra Rowicka‘s Juror’s Choice award goes to:

Marina Chatzitoulousi’s


Aleksandra’s comments:

Marina’s work captivated me at the first glance. She presents a very avant-grade take on depicting architecture. The concept of buildings’ transparency being represented by their history is very modern and philosophically rich. I truly admire Marina’s works for the way they make us think about passing time and how we communicate history through it.”

Anja Strelec‘s Juror’s Choice award goes to:

Kohlben Vodden’s

“Blue Paul-Emile”

Anja’s comments:

Blue Paul-Emile, painting from Kohlben Vodden stood out so powerfully, I have felt immediately a hypnotic force towards the subject with a perfect geometrical shapes and colors that implement each other, and I see a person who is free in his or her identity and free from of any specific labels. Painting is soft and easy on the eye but at the same time these strong, perfect lines give the sense of energy and determination. “

The Best Series Award goes to:

Eleni Gemeni


We are all mere bystanders

The barriers within

Special Mention Awards go to:

The Jury also would like to appreciate the following works by special mention awards:

Karen Haffern “Letting go”
Arielle Bieber “Fog”
Alexandra Sarah “Please Panic Carefully”
Katarzyna Leszczynska-Kaszuba “Destiny”
Suzann Kundi “Consumed 1”
Jean-Pierre Charbonnel “Cleaning the City”
Istvan Dukai “RUR-SUS”
Nina Zielińska-Krudysz “The lady did not like her fringe so it was cut off from her”
Shimrit Yariv “A woman on a pink background”
Viktor Pajer “Control”
Olivia Moelo
Georg Bernoff

The Jury also selected Top 30 artists and all of them, including all the above works can be seen in the Art Vue Prize Spring 2022 catalog, available for download below.

You may also purchase a printed version of the catalog here – the price for one catalog is about $16,50 plus shipping:


Special announcement!

An open call for the Summer 2022 Art Vue Prize edition is not officially opened yet. However, if you would like to apply already, as a reader of this secret message, you may do so here:

Art Vue App is available now!

Excellent solution in case you would like to stay on top of our open calls, publications, etc.

Art Vue Foundation supports and promotes all activities in the field of culture and art. Thanks to your generosity we can support contemporary artists.

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