Artists must have a positive impact on the world!

by Aneta Bobryk

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We live in a world where being an “artist” became fashionable. But how much art is in the art? Where is the border between the artist and the narcissist?
Today, my guest is Teodora Dumitrache to whom I talk about a quite sensitive topic.

Teodora Paula Dumitrache

A: Tell me something about your creation process, please.

T: Creative process can be fun, especially when your idea gains shape. The more I work the more independent the work becomes. I modify and transform the main idea and at the end I leave a drop of soul. My art is a reference to works done with soul, for soul.

A: Who is you mentor?

T: As a model I have is my mother, discreet, beautiful, elegant. From her I know that an artist’s vision can open minds and hearts. I celebrate beauty just how I feel it.

interview with an artist

A: Let’s talk about main course subject what you think ego can do to an artist?

T: Ego is a two-way street, it can either create or destroy. The world, nowadays, is sad and strained. It can be visualized as an ego gone rogue, megalomania fed by a skillful, manipulative intellect.

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Teodora’s works have been published in our Human Body is Art 2021 album.

A: Is there a the way to escape a power of ego?

T: Ego can be seen as a synthesis of all the stories we tell or identify with. The only unique and original moments defining our lives is composition.
Ego’ s mechanisms are multiple: idealization, criticism, polemics, visualization, fantasy, judgement, ridicule… All these represent our projection on inner and outer reality, projection which modify interaction with them, well mixed by Ego’s mechanisms.
Resulting every individual, subjective reality. Uniqueness is made of all that we are and all that we have become.

A: What inspires you Teodora? How you look at the world we are living in? Where you find composition?

T: I am inspired by the harmonious complexity of the woman, because somewhere between the idea and the pencil, among the thoughts and experiences, there is another world. Celebration of any form of escape means moving to areas and situations where the promise of experiences are endowed with all sorts of superlatives. Some works tell stories with meanings that point to modern tragedy.
A connection with my own instincts that allows me to see beyond appearances. It is certainly a style statement, by quite versatile, and it can change from day to day

We create our own world, our own creations paint our world. Maybe humility is the key to everyone’s salvation? It was an interesting interview in which we found out that a real artist knows very well that he knows nothing.

Talent cannot be harnessed, real talent has the colors of humility and harmony.

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