No control over talent – Ivone Segade

by Aneta Bobryk

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Talent is something we have no control over, it is there and the end we have to accept it makes us unique even in simple activities.

Ivone Segade, Brazilian visual artist and writer, will tell us about the beginnings of her passion and will try to familiarize us with each other.

Ivone Segade

Let’s start for beginning. How its all started?
I: The passion for creation began in childhood, turning into an intense and constant love, perennial as long as I exist.

Every artist wants to give some of part of themselves to people what you want to share with your works?
I: This is my motto, my goal as an artist: to awaken emotions.

Beside your art work you have a normal job, does it impact you soul? Can you find yourself in similar work and an art work?
I: I’m a psychiatrist. I worked in medical emergencies for a long time, being exposed to physical and mental pain on a daily basis. My creations are mostly reflections of the emotions that are ingrained in my soul.
My pride is fueled when I manage to arouse emotions with my creations

Do you find free time for yourself ? how you spend it?
I: In my free time I like to paint, write, read, cook and music is always present. I’m eclectic, I like different styles, rhythms and musical works.

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