Photography Expo at Estação! till 27/03

We are very proud to announce that the Expo at Estação is on and will be open till 27/03/2022. You will be able to see the works of 17 wonderful, talented photographers:

Expo Canelas Catalog


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Expo’s Schedule:

Period 1 – 29/01 – 12/02:

  • Helen-Maria Chrysikou
  • Anatoliy Anshin
  • Gunther Schweigert
  • Vilma Leino
  • Mario Afonso

Period 2 – 13/02 – 26/02:

  • Alexander Emmanouilidis
  • Georg Bernoff
  • Duy Nguyen
  • Sudhy Sj

Period 3 – 27/02 – 12/03:

  • Gergely Jokhel
  • Sven Goewie
  • Eftychia Kazouka
  • Brenda Turnnidge

Period 4 – 13/03 – 26/03:

  • Joanna Figarska
  • Chiara Manente
  • Gabor Suveg
  • Olivier De Pooter

Photos from the first week of the Expo:

About Estação

Estação is a cultural project resulting from a partnership between the Council of Canelas, Town hall of Estarreja, and the artist Mário Afonso (who published his works in BAV’s Street Photography 2021 book), with the assistance of artist Rita Castanheira. 

Estação is being explored in order to disseminate the work of national and international artists from various artistic areas, such as photography, painting, video art, music and others. Exhibitions are held every two months, offering audience free access to a wide range of cultural initiatives.

Originally, the building where Estação is situated was designed for the purpose of serving as a train station. Although it currently presents itself as a gallery, it has always maintained its original identity. This has been a point of interest for artists when conceiving site-specific projects to be exhibited in the space. 

Estação is also right next to the BioRia, the Natural Heritage of Estarreja, which has led to the organization of multiple tours to the local natural attractions. This is due to our interest in environmental issues and goal to inspire young and older audiences by experiencing the beauty of the surrounding nature.

In case of any questions please send an email to:

Check relation from our Expo held in Brussels in October, 2021 here.

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