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My name is Aneta de Cock and I write articles for the Bruxelles Art Vue for some time.

I am also a poet, and some people call me an artist.

Aneta de Cock

So I ask myself: who is an artist?

This question has been bothering me for some time. There are so many sources in history which bring us closer to this slogan. I will try to show you, dear readers, what I think about it.

Who is an artist? What does an “artist” mean? Are artists the elected or the rejected by the misunderstanding of various classes of society?

Plato preached, that it is God himself who interferes with the spiritual world of man, thanks to which the human soul falls into a state of madness, hence the theory about the inspiration of artists. In antiquity, the artist’s anonymity was promoted – it was important to create for glory, not fame.
Do some artists still rely on the modesty that Plato sowed?

Let’s go further. How does an artist’s view relate to the Renaissance? Has this perception evolved?
Let us take the example of Horace, who claimed that an artist should be aware of his own uniqueness. One of the main slogans of the artist was: “how a bird can rise above earthly life, is aware of a great work and thus becomes immortal”.

Aneta de Cock

According to Kochanowski (a Polish writer and poet), for example, is doomed to loneliness because he often sets tasks for himself, and is therefore incomprehensible by society.

How could that be applied to today? Is this still the case or is there a golden mean to show an artist’s visions to the world?

But let’s go further.
In the Renaissance, the unity between God and an artist is still visible. The artist was treated as an anointed divine hence his gift of creating beauty.

Did the following epochs continue to follow this trend?
Modernism-art for art what does it mean? Artist, an independent spirit and its price for immortality, summarizing “come life, our spitting worth / eviva l’arte”
Wyspiański, another famous Polish writer, showed a different light on the poet as a weak dreamer, not remote to fight, living in his world of incomprehension. What was he trying to tell us? Perhaps a delicacy like something so fragile and beautiful that you fear breakage?

So who is a contemporary artist? On what basis does he create what inspires him?

Have artists of the 21st century adjusted their art to the prevailing trends that are appropriate to this era?
What is trendy today? Semiotics, Post-Modernism or Feminism?
Artists freely mix forms, content, and means based on technology to revive old trends, help in restoration or improve for the needs of today’s world. And here a question arises whether technology is a friend of the artist of the 21st century? What characterizes this age? Isn’t it a technology?
Thanks to it, we have access to knowledge, artists can communicate with each other, exchange observations (there is no place for loneliness and openness here), group to create more, stronger, stronger.
There is a possibility of artistic migration, artists from almost every corner of the world have access to virtual galleries, for example to keep track of their colleagues’ activities.
Globalism? Is this when globalism is already there? Is it good or bad?
All the answers are not in this article, dear friends!

In the following articles I would like to introduce you to our wonderful artists and introduce their works to the problems they struggle with and show that the pearls shine in the fog.

Thank you, I encourage you to read and, of course, debate,
Aneta De Cock

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