Collaboration with Polish Women Photographers Community

Collaboration and support in the artistic world is priceless!

Polish Women Photographers community is a space for women and non-binary people for whom self-realization is important and the need to speak up on important social issues through the medium of photography. PWP wants to inspire, support, and promote their work.

Polish women photographers collaboration with BAV

PWP is a very dynamic community with a very engaged audience. Our collaboration started with the Human Body is Art 2021 edition and occurred very fruitful! Many artists applied thanks to their publication and several of them made it to the book!

Małgorzata Wakuluk, the founder of PWP, has written very encouraging words to their audience:

“I personally recommend this initiative to you. You already know me well enough that I am constantly trying to encourage you to meet all the possibilities that will help you realize your photographic passion and continuous artistic development.
I have already tested on myself many times that contact gives contact. And even if it doesn’t bring you the big win right away, it keeps you growing and the impossible becomes more and more possible.”

We couldn’t agree more!

BAV is very open to such collaboration. If you happen to represent an artistic community, art gallery, or other artistic groups, and you would be interested in a partnership with BAV, please contact us at .

Here are Human Body is Art 2021 edition participants who have applied through the PWP:

Marta Szyszka in Bruxelles Art Vue collaboration
Sami Plapis in Bruxelles Art Vue
Katarzyna Leszczynska Kaszuba in Bruxelles Art Vue
Iwona Suszycka in Bruxelles Art Vue
Marcelina Szczuraszek in Bruxelles Art Vue
anna tomaka in Bruxelles Art Vue collaboration

You may also see these and all other works published in the Human Body is Art 2021 edition in the free eBooks – click here!

Thank you again Polish Women Photographers!

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