Gallery, part 2 – selection from Human Body is Art edition

Bruxelles Aert Vue Human Body is Art gallery

This gallery presents to you several selected works from the Bruxelles Art Vue – Human Body is Art 2021 edition!

Few weeks back we have already published the first part of this series, which you may find here.

Most of the photos in this gallery wouldn’t make it to our social media, without a risk of blocking our feeds, therefore let us give them the visibility they deserve in a different way!

You may see these and many other works in a free e-book – download here.

Evert Obdeijn

Black and white photography makes the female body special, with the use of light and shadow giving it a high emotional value. In particular, the directions of Roberto Bogers, photography teacher
at the Center for the Arts in Eindhoven, inspired me in this special corner of photographing people.

Alexis Stefanides


Hello there, I’m Alexis Stefanides, dreamer, artist, and slightly addicted to coffee and music. I am guided by a great feeling of LOVE about LIFE. My biggest loves are my beautiful wife and my little son. Art is a personal thing that touches everyone differently. We all have our own unique style and creative vision that we see in life. My studies in psychology made me want to find a way to capture the connection between people or with their inner world. For me moment matters! So, photography was the path.

Margherita Franzoni


I was born, live, and work in Ferrara-IT. My background is sociology, I’m a conferences organizer and I collaborate in the organization of the Riaperture Photofestival Ferrara. My interest in photography began a long time ago but I started shooting seriously in 2017. Today photography is the „bubble” where I can express myself freely, the images are my words. I define my language as a kind of poetics
of small things, a very intimate search where images are most often a reflection of my inner world.

Tatum Kempers

Tatum Kempers’ photographic work consists of self-portraits that she makes using various techniques. The process is like a diary to her. With this, she examines her inner conflicts. These photos are from the series „The Rules Are Broken,” in which she reflects on the pandemic.
Tatum Kempers lives in the Netherlands. She has been working as an artist and photographer since graduating from the School of Photography in 2014. She exhibits both nationally and internationally.

Nina Schönian-Söllig


I was born on May 2nd, 1980, I am married and the mother of three wonderful children. I work in my studio under the name Arteria Art mainly in oil on canvas, but I use a variety of techniques and teach as a lecturer in the visual arts. I exhibit at home and abroad and have won several nominations and placements of various art prizes. My style is figurative painting, although that was never a conscious choice as more of a kind of birthmark.

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