Special mentions in the Human Body is Art 2021 edition

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Special mentions in the BAV Human Body is Art edition – here they are!

We have already announced our back and front cover winners:

In one of our previous posts ( Cherries on BAV’s cake! ), we have listed other prizes for participants in the Human Body is Art 2021 edition.

Special mentions in the Human Body is Art 2021 edition:

The first one by Angeliki Manta, and you may find it on the first page of the book. The photo looks like a Renaissance fresco or a masterpiece sculpture. Angeliki writes: “Desire and the ways it is embodied and experienced in relation to the surrounding environment. My aim is to present a hidden reality which everyone recognizes but no one admits one of fragility and unspoken desires.”

Human Body is Art 2021 1st page special mention
1st page of Human Body is Art 2021

The second one is by Itie Langeland, which you may find just next to the opening page. This work is captivating and aesthetically overwhelming. This is what Itie wrote about her works: “From every magazine or book that gets into my hands, I cut out the pages with faces. (…) In addition to collage, embroidery, and painting, certain parts of the works have been cut out to create lace-like structures. In hand embroidery and cutting is a great deal of labor intensity, repetition, patience, and attention; a meditative activity that invites a slow way of looking, in contrast to the volatility of the fast images with which we are confronted daily in the media.”

Last but not least – special pages, on which we have mentioned works that haven’t made it to the main content, but we still wanted to show them in the book.

You will find here works of:

Itie Langeland

Reflectedcity Rodrigo García Fernández

Cecilia Gainaru

Marta Szyszka

special mentions in the BAV Human Body is Art 2021
Last but not least – special mentions

To see all the works and all the pages, you may download our editions as pdfs for free, here.

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