Human Body is Art – front cover winner!

“White Widow” by Kelly Heselmans

In one of our previous posts, you will find a list of special rewards for participants in our publications – Cherries on BAV’s cake!

One of these prizes is to be chosen to be printed on a book cover! Today we announce the winner of the front cover print of Human Body is Art 2021 edition – Kelly Heselmans

“White Window” is about the human body, beauty, story, and emotions. We see how a model transforms into a symbol and uses this extraordinary ability to share emotions and a story of the author’s life with us. We see a very original pose, in the photo which is simple and the model’s body is the only mean of powerful expression.  

This is what Kelly says about the story behind her work:

“This photo is about leaving a former life, one that I didn’t belong in, one that was being lived for me, not by me. Escaping the web that was woven by the cult I grew up in. Letting go of a marriage, friends, and family. Trying to find my own way of thinking and feeling, without resentment. Doing what’s right for my life.

The model in the photo is my sister Lindsey, she had her own path to follow, healing wounds of a similar past. We came together in this project, facing the life we left behind, grateful for our new way of being.”

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