Human Body is Art – back cover winner!

Bruxelles Art Vue back cover print winner: “Metamorphoses” by Monika Cichoszewska, large format Kodak View camera,  wet plate collodion, ambrotype on clear glass full plate.

Model: @monsieur _borgia

In one of our previous posts, you will find a list of special rewards for participants in our publications – Cherries on BAV’s cake!

One of these prizes is to be chosen to be printed on a book cover! Today we announce the winner of the back cover print of Human Body is Art 2021 edition – Monika Cichoszewska!

„Metamorphoses” gained a special place in the Bruxelles Art Vue Human Body is Art 2021 edition, due to its ability to convey a feeling of being observed. All the works in this book have been created by the observation of human bodies and emotions. Thus a viewer may relate to all art included in our book, also as a subject.

The photo has been created in a special technique. This is what Monika, the author, says about it:

„My passion is traditional photography, as well as manual and chemical processes in photography. 

A special place in my field of interest is the XIX wet collodion technique, which I chose as my medium of artistic expression. In using it, I search for contemporary forms of expression. 

The merits of this technique are uniqueness and individuality. 

The final result is that the outcome of the project performed in this technique has a certain amount of uncertainty every time. The end effect consists of both the artist’s creations, thermal conditions as well as chemical processes taking place. The photographic reality is created by the photographer and the unknown results arising from the physio-chemical process of creating a photo.

The project thus gains a subjectively enhanced artistic value as well as personal and emotional implications, as each picture is individual, impossible to replicate. 

Because of this, “we are creators right from the very beginning to the very end, and only us and the alchemy have an impact on the final image, all its aspects, imperfections, and its scope.” I utilize the long exposure time to soften the image, to record what is elusive, the thought processes, the passage of time, and the phenomenon of the wind.”

Thank you Monika for your great work!

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