Limitless Nature – upcoming edition!

LIMITLESS NATURE – have YOUR WORKS published in a beautiful hardcover art album! We look forward to seeing any artistic creation that shows the beauty or story of our nature. Wild and not-so-wild animals, landscapes, flora.

We accept:

  • photography (macro and drone included)
  • paintings
  • drawings
  • digital art
  • sculptures

The only rule is that people shall not be the main subject of your work.

Apply for free before June the 15th! (UPDATE: June 25th)!

Each book of Bruxelles Art Vue contains works of about 100 carefully selected artists, each of them receiving 2 dedicated pages. 

Our hardcover albums size is 22 x 30 cm.

Bruxelles Art Vue album

On the photo above: Inga Falkowska – one of the artists published in the Human Body is Art 2021 edition

Published so far:

Previous edition – Street Photography

Application is very easy:

1) Fill in a preliminary application for the Limitless Nature 2021 edition. We will review your work.
2) If the artist is approved, they will be notified by July the 5th.
3) After approval, you will need to pay a participation fee ranging from 35€ to 56€ check the details

free application to open call for artist or photographer
No membership fees, no entry fees


The sooner you apply, the sooner you may be featured on our Instagram and Facebook feeds!


We don’t spam, we inform. Stay updated about upcoming calls, available free e-books, hardcover editions, and other interesting topics.

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