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Your painting deserves a great photo so we can print it in the best quality.

Sounds demanding, but it really is quite easy to achieve a great result. At Bruxelles Art Vue, we print high-quality art and photo albums. Obviously, the better your photos, the better your pages will look.

We frequently see artists with incredible paintings but have images that are shot in dimly lit, sloppy environments that distort the original artwork.

Knowing how to properly photograph your painting can mean the difference between being accepted to be printed.

Here is a simplified guide to having good quality photos of your painting to be printed in BAV:

  1. First of all – take it easy! If you do not have the best photos right away, send your entry anyway. After being selected you will have few days to provide better quality images.
  2. A photo that is ready for printing should have 300 dpi (dots per inch), therefore it would be best not to take a photo with a smartphone. Use a digital camera or DSLR.
  3. Try to take a photo in such a way that your painting will be parallel to where your camera will be – to avoid any angle distortion.
  4. Lighting – the best idea is to take a photo outside, in daylight, in a shadow (no direct sunlight on a painting). Also please remove any glass that covers your work.
  5. Camera settings: low ISO, high f-stop, autofocus – full-frame. The higher the number, the more noise you will get in the photo. Since we want very crisp images, we want a low ISO – 100, maximum 400. The f-stop of the aperture of your camera has an impact on the sharpness of a photo. The ideal range for shooting artworks is between f-8 and f-11.
  6. Photo editing – if you have doubts or it is not easily possible for you to edit the photos – just send it to us without editing, we can do it for you.
  7. In case of any doubts – contact us!

On the post cover: paintings by Ida Heylighen, one of the candidates to the Human Body is Art edition.

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