Cherries on BAV’s cake!

There are many benefits for participants to Bruxelles Art Vue Human Body is Art edition!

They receive a printed book, they are featured in an e-book, and some more.

But on top of that there are additional rewards for artists!

Front cover photo and back cover photo!

Our team will select in a democratic way which photo matches most the theme and philosophy of the book. You may check the previous book cover photo here.

In addition, this time, we will also choose the back cover photo!

Special feature pages in the book

Also, in a very democratic way, we will choose several photos, which will be featured on few dedicated pages within the book. You will find there selected photos that would not fit on the two pages dedicated to each artist.

To enjoy the above benefits – apply before April the 18th!

On the cover – works by one of our candidates: Olga Lvova

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