Human Body is Art

We have the pleasure to announce the next edition of Bruxelles Art Vue!

HUMAN BODY IS ART – portraits, silhouettes, every creation that shows a beauty or story of a human body. We accept photography, paintings, drawings, digital art, and sculptures.

Apply for free before April the 23rd!

Each book of Bruxelles Art Vue contains works of about 100 carefully selected artists, each of them receiving 2 dedicated pages. Bruxelles Art Vue – Human Body is Art deadline for applications is April the 23rd!

Application is very easy:

1) Fill in a preliminary application. We will review your work.
2) If the artist is approved, they will be notified by end of April, 2021
3) After approval, you will need to pay a participation fee ranging from 35€ to 56€ check the details

If approved, and after BAV receives your participation fee, you will receive:
  • 2 dedicated pages in the 2021 edition of BAV Human Body is Art book
  • pages will include your photos, short biography, and your contact details
  • full editing, layout and design, text review, preparation of your high-quality images for print
  • a chance to have one photo on the front cover or back cover of the book (the best photos selected by the BAV team)
  • you will receive one paper copy of the book and /or permanent access to the e-version of the book – depending on which option you choose (find out more here)
  • you will be able to purchase additional books for your family and friends at a discounted price
  • your photos will be published on our social media channels (Instagram and Facebook page)
  • in the future – depending on the pandemic situation – a possibility to participate in an exhibition in Bruxelles and possibly other major European cities

You may also have a look at our planning page to see what will come next!

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