The BAV’s Street Photography cover photo!

Bruxelles Art Vue street photography cover photo

Here it is! It is a great pleasure to announce that the photo by Renata D’Angelo will be the BAV Street Photography 2021 book’s cover!

Years 2020 and 2021 will be forever marked by the pandemic. All parts of our lives have been impacted, we had to go through enormous changes. Life was and still is far from usual. And this photo shows how it feels not to be able to go on the street. How we all struggled to find ways to still experience life against all adversities.

Children that would normally enjoy sunny weather and fresh air playing outside, find the substitute on a balcony.

Yes, this is a photo that many would argue is not a real street photography photo. We have chosen it, as these times are also not usual times.

The BAV Street Photography book is now almost ready for printing!

We start to prepare for the next edition titled “Human Body is Art”. The entries are free as usual, and the deadline to apply is now set to the 25th of April. Find out more information here.

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